Death Hunt #1

By the end of 2022, I had the surreal experience of drawing and inking a comic book created by Stan Lee. He created a story set in the Amazon several years ago, and Pow Entertainment invited Eleven Dragons to bring the tale to life in comic book form!

The story follows Cord an American police detective that joins forces with Niara a Brazilian scientist to find his missing brother in the heart of the Amazon forest. Tackling complex and essential subjects such as the hardships that indigenous people face in Brazil and the mining that devastates the Amazon forest, Death Hunt brings a classic Stan Lee spin to such an important subject.

I was invited to create concept art, help develop the story visually, and draw and ink the comic book series. These are some of the first issue pages, thumbnails, concept art, and the poster I did for the release of Death Hunt at Comic Con Experience.

The script was developed by JP Sette and written by Ademar Vieira with colors by Tai Silva. Samela Hidalgo was the editor for Eleven Dragons.

It was an incredible honor to be part of this project and be trusted by POW Entertainment and Eleven Dragons with a Stan Lee creation.